LepreCon Science Fiction Convention is Arizona’s Annual Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention with an art emphasis.

#lep42 is all about looking forward. With 40 years of history behind us, it’s important to never forget that humanity should always be searching and reaching towards creating a better future. We are looking at a near future with new technologies in art, medicine, and more; privatized spaceflight becoming the norm; driverless cars in every home; et cetera. If the science fiction of the past 40 years is coming to fruition, what does the science fiction of today have to say about our coming future? Come join the intimate, relaxed, yet exciting atmosphere of LepreCon – meet the guests, have lunch at LaFitte’s, check out the Largest Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art Gallery in the Southwest, demos, and make-and-takes. Enjoy free parking, snacks at the Hospitality Suite, games, our cosplay contest, workshops, panel discussions, and more events and activities, still to be announced.

LepreCon 2016 — 42st Annual Science Fiction Convention is THE place to create lots of great memories!