Art Gallery

Artisans, We would like to invite you personally to show your art in the LepreCon 2016 Art Gallery. LepreCon 42 will be the 23rd – 26th of June 2016 at the Park Terrace Suites in Phoenix, Arizona. Coming from throughout Arizona—and around the country—artists’ share their originality and wonder of thematic Science Fiction, Fantasy, and original art.

We welcome original works covering the gamut of creative visual categories including painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, ceramics, folk craft, glass, leather, metalwork, wearable art, woodwork, as well as mixed media (2 and 3 dimensional).

Works of art range from collector masterpieces to affordable art and craft for enthusiasts on small budgets.

Our show is a gallery style show.  Attending artists are $45 (through June 06th) and non-attending artists are $20 (through June 24th), either of which includes one unit of art gallery space. Art gallery space is available in units of panels, half tables, and/or floor spaces. Each unit of art gallery space beyond the 1st is $5.00.

A panel is 4’ wide by 4’ high, and is made of pegboard. Materials for hanging artwork will be provided by the convention. Unless the piece itself needs a hanger, then the artist must provide it on the art piece (preferably a wire hanger).

Table space is approximately 3’ long by 2.5’ deep, half of a standard hotel table.

Floor space is one 5′ diameter of floor space, or +1′ of diameter to an existing floor space (i.e. 5′ diameter = $5, 6′ diameter = $10, 10′ diameter = $30, and two adjacent 5′ diameters are $10).

Sales will be by direct sale and silent auction. Any work with two or more silent auction bids will go to the highest bidder on Sunday afternoon.

Reservations for the art gallery can be made by phone, email, mail, or online.

By mail: mail the attached reservation form directly to us at the address below. Checks or money orders should be made out to:

LepreCon 42 Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
P.O. Box 26665
Tempe AZ 85285-6665

Online: indicate how many panels, half tables, and/or floor spaces you want.

If you are curious about having space in the Merchant Hall please contact the Merchant Liaison, Alice & Marty Massoglia — table and booth space is going fast.

Those interested in providing an art demo, workshop, or presentation may contact the Program Director, Paul Tanton.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. If you want to submit your art but are not able to attend the convention or deliver / drop your art, contact us and we will help arrange things so that you can have your work shipped to and from the convention.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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