Artists in the Art Gallery

What better way to emphasize art than an Art Gallery packed full of works by artists from all over the nation!  We’ll continue announcing more artists as the convention gets nearer, but we can guarantee you this is one year you do not want miss LepreCon’s Art Gallery!

Guest of Honor

Jennie Breeden is the creator of the autobiographical webcomic The Devil’s Panties. She has a BFA in Sequential Art from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Ms. Breeden has been updating her comic daily since 2001 with over 3,000 comic strips online and multiple graphic novels that are in comic shops and book stores around the world.

Via the comic she documents her adventures at comic conventions and in life. From pirates to taxes, kilt blowing to real estate and knitting to romance, life always seems to have something new in store: sometimes to the chagrin of Jennie, but always to the delight of her fans.

Visit her comic and watch Life and Art argue it out:

Guest of Honor

Dain Q. Gore is a current Faculty Adjunct at ASU and Phoenix College, completing his MFA in 2009. Having studied End-Times myths of his culture, he presents Bible stories mixed with Apocryphal and other controversial philosophies, such as the Tarot, in a humorous way.

His cast of absurd characters shifts between the religious and secular worlds to suit his own vision of the supernatural realm. His recent area of interest has included puppetry, emulating the humor and questioning of his paintings in a manic sculptural and often bawdy performance-based setting. His art has exhibited in downtown Phoenix since 2002 and as far away from Phoenix as Himeiji and Beijing.

He has performed puppetry part-time for the Great Arizona Puppet Theater since 2007, at both Adult Puppet Slams and the kid-friendly Imagine This!, having also constructed puppets that performed in his solo shows at Eye Lounge in 2010-2011 and Trunk Space in 2012, as well Phoenix Comicon in 2012-2015 and the Phoenix Art Museum. He is also a current contributor to the new Meow Wolf project, The House of Eternal Return, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

His most current investigations include merging paintings with his interest in puppetry, which refer to a childhood fascination with Bible stories told through puppets and their illusion of a subjectively formed, artificial reality.  This began with a solo show in 2014 at Hot Box gallery, The ECSTATIC TRUTH.

The puppets and wall pieces are not just flat: they are built up in puzzle-like pieces that include kinetic and dimensional features. The choice of material is reflective of the beliefs that still haunt him: impermanent, fragile, ever-changing, and not altogether full in form.

Sarah Clemens

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Sarah Clemens is the creator of the award-winning Magnus & Loki artwork, as well as other fantasy and science fiction art.

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Whimsical space-inspired art and jewelry

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Elizabeth Leggett

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Elizabeth Leggett’s illustrations focus on soulful, human moments-in-time. It weaves curiosity with realism and Golden Age illustration

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romantic fantasy

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Art Gecko

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Sci-Fi and fantasy art in oils, watercolor and digital. Art has been in the field of Sci-fi/ fantasy art since the early 90’s working with Paramount Pictures own Star Trek fan club, and has been involved in many projects, including comics, illustrations, and is currently developing a card game

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Tom Cox

Fanciful and humorous drawings in Prismacolor pencils as well as a couple acrylic paintings.

April Robinson

Fantasy artwork by April Robinson

Maia B W Sanders

Pictures of beautiful things with scales. Mermaids, dragons and their friends and allies.

Jason Youngdale