General Policies:

Please keep in mind that first and foremost, the rules of polite society apply while attending LepreCon. Convention Rangers will be onsite and if you are observed doing anything out of line, you will be politely informed that your actions are unacceptable. Remember that your convention badge is your key to not only your attendance at convention functions, but also your key to special room rates. The badge remains the property of LepreCon and those causing serious problems will have their badges confiscated and memberships revoked. There are no refunds. If that happens, the hotel will be informed that the convention discount no longer applies to that person and you will be charged the full rate.

Also keep in mind that Convention Rangers are not law enforcement officers. They are merely volunteers that try to act as a buffer between the convention members and hotel security and/or the local police. Basically, Convention Rangers try to diffuse difficult situations before the hotel security people deem it necessary to get involved. They’re not trying to ruin your good time… they’re trying to keep you and the convention as a whole out of trouble. We all want to have a good time and enjoy the convention. That includes the people working in the Rangers. They’re not “the bad guys.” Work with them.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Photography & Videography Policy

Room Party Policy

Fan Table Policy

Weapons Policy

Corporate Bylaws