LepreCon 2014: 50 Shades of Green
May 8-11, 2014
Arizona's Destination for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art and Literature

At A Glance

Adult Daily Rates
(at the door):

Friday $15
Saturday $30
Sunday $15
Kids 7-12 $15,
with Adult Membership
Kids 6 & under Free,
with Adult Membership

Hotel Rates:
Rooms: $99 / night
Suites: $119 / night
S/D/T/Q + tax (including hospitality fee)

When booking your room, use this Hotel Booking Link
Call 1-800-266-9432
Registration Hours
Thursday 7- 9:00 PM
Friday 12- 8:30 PM
Saturday 9- 6:00 PM
Sunday 9-11:00 AM


Our TENTATIVE panel list for the convention.

If you have questions, contact our Program Director, Tony at xenos850@gmail.com

Art vs Format panel ART SAT 9 C What are the different approaches between composing card art vs cover art vs regular paintings?
The Puppet Panel panel ART SAT 9 G
Photo ref for fantasy illustration demo ART SAT 10 B Gilead shares his tricks and techniques for creative use of photo reference in fantasy and science fiction art and illustration.
Jewellry Workshop workshop ART SAT 10 F Artist Michele Elington presents her hands-on demo for up to 10 participants, unlimited viewers (necklace making free, $2-3 fee if they want to add their choice of pendant)
Fine Art with Spray Paint Demo ART SAT 10 Fountain AMP demonstrates her diverse methods for turning spray paint into fantastic artwork.
Making Monsters with Steamcrow demo ART SAT 11 A Daniel m. Davis (of Steam Crow) shows how he uses Adobe Illustrator to draw his brand of odd monsters. You don't have to be a Warlock to conjure imaginative beasts! Questions and laughter are encouraged.
Sculpture Panel panel ART SAT 15 E Our sculptors talk answer your questions about means and methods and what they were thinking.
Minatures workshop wkshp ART SAT 19 F Dan Quentin Gore demonstrates his approach to painting fantasy and stategic gaming miniatures.
Heroic Breasts panel ART SAT 20 C The hows and whys and pros and cons of drawing heriones with proportions that stretch credulity.
Body Painting demo ART SAT 22 F Local legend Mark Greenwalt demonstrates his stunning body-painting techniques live.
Digital Art vs Traditional Art panel ART SUN 12 C How does an artists approach change from making art in mediums that can be touched and felt, vs making art in the digital aether? And how can you go back and forth between the two realms?
Comic Creators Round-table coffee ART SUN 9 Coffee bar
Sketch Off! panel ART FRI 20 B Artists sketch random things suggested from the audience for charity.
Drinking and Drawing game ART/18+ SAT 20 bar Local artists, with sketchpads, in the bar, until we’re cut off.
The Writer and the Artist Should Be Friends panel ART/WRI FRI 14 A How do you merge two fundamentally different approaches to storytelling to create a good graphic work?
Podcasting Podcast panel BIZ FRI 16 CABANA Where we podcast our panel about the hows and whys of podcasting.
Self Publishing 101 - Books Panel BIZ SAT 9 A There used to be rules in the publishing biz, but that was all years ago (like two or three). Our veteran authors discuss and answer questions about what they have learned in the wild frontier of self-publishing.
Self-Publishing 101 - Comics Panel BIZ SAT 9 B How do you go about turning your pileof scribbled-on paper into a graphic-somethng that people will read? That answer depends on a lot of different things. Our panel of indy comic veterans will try to explain it for you.
World Building By Design panel BIZ SAT 10 A In a world where everyone is building their own world, how do you stand out? Our panel will discuss the nuts and bolts, coherent design, and scale of vision of creating imaginary places that we want to visit.
Rights and Wrongs for Creatives Panel BIZ SAT 13 C Copyright, trademarks, fair use and the legality of making stuff up.
Branding for Independent Creators panel BIZ SAT 14 B You are the brand! Well, you are. How to put your best face forward most effectively.
Where (and how) do I sell my work? panel BIZ SAT 15 B The path from your mom’s frig to a respectable gallery is long with many pitfalls in between. Discuss your possibilities from e-commerce to tables, booths and walls, including taxes, licensing, and all the stuff your mom never warned you about.
Alchemy of Cover Art panel BIZ SAT 16 B We do actually judge a book by its cover; all kinds of marketing data says so. So what makes for a good cover? That’s driven as much by magic as it s by data. Our panel will try to help you discover where that magic might come from.
Crowdfunding Need to Know panel BIZ SAT 18 C Curious about crowd-funding your next project? Our panel of experts will tell you what they learned.
Advanced Self Publishing panel BIZ SUN 10 A You have a few books out there and … now what?
DYI Film-making panel BIZ SAT 20 B You idiot - what have you gotten yourself into? Our panel explains.
Belly Dancing Props workshop COS SAT 9 PATIO Overview and demo of props used in belly dancing from the "traditional" swords, veils, and baskets to addtions such as Isis Wings, fan veils, voi, and others. Try the various props, such as balancing a sword on your head and trying on the wings.
Belly Dancing Costumes workshop COS SUN 9 PATIO Discuss the various types from tradtional cabaret and ethnic to modern interpretations such as Tribal Fusion and share examples. Discuss costuming on a budget-you don't need a big bank account or able to sew to have a great looking costume.
Belly Dancing 101 workshop COS SUN 15 F We'll go over the basic moves, explaining some of the differences between cabaret and tribal and learn them to a short piece of music that can be a basic dance.
Stump the Costumer panel COS FRI 15 B Our costume experts answer your hardest questions. Because they can.
Secret Sources for Costrumers panel COS FRI 16 B Our veteran costumers dish on the less than obvious places to score materials and accessories for your get-up.
Steampunk Fashion panel COS FRI 17 E An in depth discussion of the whys and wherefore of the fashion choices of late 19th century adventurers, both real and imagined.
That Superhero Look panel COS SAT 10 E What most superheroes have in common is that they don't dress like normal people. How to wear a cape and cowl and underwear outside of your tights, and still look awesome.
Researching Historical Costumes panel COS SAT 17 B Sure, the internet. But we’ll use the rest of the panel to explore the other resources available, both near and far, to find out what they really used to wear.
How Costume informs Character demo COS SAT 12 B
Fashion Waaay Forward: Costuming the future panel COS/FUT SAT 13 E What might we wear in the future? And how do we make something that lookslike that now?
The Hay Girls Americana Show event special THUR 19 EF Join the Hay Girls and their guests, the band Squiddog, who will perform.
Costume contest event cos SAT 19 A Come strut your stuff in your steampunk finest in front of our panel of judges, and show them what you've got.
Tea Duelling competition A event StP FRI 16 GAME
Tea Duelling competition B event StP SAT 12 G
Tea Duelling competition C event StP SUN 15 GAME
Different Sorts of Magic panel FAN FRI 17 C Magic works differently, depending on the universe. Comparing and contrasting the different magicsto determine what makes them compelling, and why.
Sexy vs Scary Monsters panel FAN SUN 11 B Which do you prefer: vampires wearing glitter to impress their teenage girlfriends or vampires covered in the splattered blood of slaughtered villagers? Can a monster be both? Why?
Alternate Mythologies panel FAN SAT 14 E Our panel explores troves of legneds and lore that did NT come from Europe or the Meditteranean.
Fermi's Paradox Panel FUT FRI 12 C If the galaxy is full of alien life, how come we haven't heard from any of them? Come on - you know you have a theory about this too.
Ancient Aliens panel FUT FRI 14 C Visitors from outer space have been guiding human history all along - or maybe not. So crazy it could make total sense.
The Supposed Singularity panel FUT FRI 14 E At what point will we effectively merge with our own marvelous machinery? Soon? Much later than we think? Never? Our panelists take sides.
Creating Believable Aliens panel FUT FRI 15 C A double panel about how actual science might influence believable aliens, as opposed t network bean-counters forcing us to settle for foam ridges on the forehead.
Space Colonies Micro-symposium panel FUT SAT 15 C Boldy going where we have no business going at all
Future of Money panel FUT SUN 10 C What puts the whiz-bang into the future? Money. Lots of money. Where will money come from? Will we even use it? Our panelists opinions and forecasts are for entertainment purposes and should not be considered financial advice.
Privacy vs security in the future panel FUT SUN 11 C How do we balance privacy and security going forward? Or do technological advances make omnipresent surveillance inevitable?
Apocalypse How? panel FUT SUN 13 C How do you think it will all end? Fire? Ice? Zombies? Robots? Nuclear war? Alien invasion? Does Vegas have odds for these things?
Star Trek Universe Update demo FUT SUN 13 A Dr. David Williams gives his regular update on the haps in the Star Trek universe and all of its proprietaries.
Old School Gaming panel GAM SAT 10 Starlite We really did used to do this with actual pencils on actual graph paper. Our Ancient Ones recall what it was like. Come learn from the wisdom of your elders.
GM roundtable panel GAM SAT 13 Starlite There is a theory that all RPG centered panels eventually become panels on game-mastering. Let’s just start there.
Time travel LARP game GAM Various
Prehistoric history panel HIS FRI 13 E Humans have been around for at least 100,000 years, and we really only know about the last 6000 or so. What do we know, or think,or speculate wildly about our distant past?
Alt.History panel HIS SUN 12 B How would our world be different if Rome never fell, or the South negotiated a draw? Can you change one small detail and change the world? Or are the currents of history so deep as to be ultimately inevitable?
Sculpture Dumpster wkshop KIDS SAT 10 CABANA We have a bin full of things. Turn them into art.
Face Painting wkshop KIDS SAT 13 cab
Kids Gaming Game KIDS SAT 16 STAR
Silly Putty Experiment wkshp KIDS SAT 11 CABANA An experiment in gooey - goo.
Electricity amd Magnets demo KIDS SUN 9 CAB
The Past, Present and Future of Fighting Crime panel LIT SAT 11 E People behave badly, and heroes clean up after them. What things about sleuthing in the past are we forgetting? And what metrics about controlling behavior in the future should we dread/look forward to? And what are the constants across the ages?
Strange Love - Romance across genres panel LIT SAT 12 E How do strange adventures across time and space change the course of True Love? How do they not change anything at all?
Are competent characters too dull? panel LIT SAT 16 E Why do so many plots require competent characters to act foolishly, or throw incompetent characters into situations clearly best left to professionals? Is it too hard to challenge them, or just too boring?
Creating Strong Female Characters panel LIT SAT 17 E Half of humanity is female - so how hard could this possibly be? Well, judging by the body of extant speculative fiction - really hard. It’s not really that difficult - is it? It’s gotta be something else, right? What?
Verse vs Narrative panel LIT SUN 12 E Inserting poetry or verse into larger works
Humor vs Horror panel LIT SUN 13 E
Dr. Who panel panel MED FRI 13 B After 50 years, we have some things to talk about.
TV Round-up panel MED FRI 17 B It will be until August before there is a new episode of Dr. Who. What shall we watch in the meantime?
The History of Leprecon panel META FRI 14 B On our 40th anniversary, our grizzled conventioneers will speak of olden days.
"Hey Established Pro, Can you read my manuscript?" Panel META FRI 15 E Is there any good way to answer this question?
Sexism at Cons Panel META FRI 16 A Where do we draw the line? Why is this still a problem?
GLBT among fandom panel META FRI 20 B Because fandom can be fabulous, and we knowit.
CASFS Book social panel META FRI 20 E Like they have every month - only here. And you are welcometo drop in.
Austism Spectrum among Fandom panel META SAT 17 A
History of Worldcon panel META SUN 10 B
Dead Dog Party event meta SUN 17 SEDONA Because nothing else remains.
Critters of CONTACT panel SCI FRI 13 C For over a 25 years, CONTACT: Cultures of the imagination has been building worlds and populating them at their annual conference. What are some of their wildest aliens? What are some of the most plausible? How does CONTACT”s process inform the SF author?
Mars to Doscovery and Beyond panel SCI SAT 10 C Professor David A Williams from ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration to discuss the planet Mars, what we’ve learned about this strange worldin the first year of the Curiosity rover’s exploration of the surface, and a look at upcoming Mars missions.
Outer Solar System demo SCI SAT 11 C Professor David A Williams, who worked on NASA’s Galileo Jupiter orbiter mission,discusses the most active moons in our solar system. From fiery Io to icy Europa, from the geysers of Encladeus to the methane lakes of Titan.
Habitable Moons demo SCI SAT 14 C What’s needed for a moon, as opposed to a planet, to be habitable, to evolve indigenous life? Mr. Nordley will discuss Hill Spheres, Roche Limits, magnetic fields and stellar evolution as they relate to the habitability of satellites.
Tea Time with Gail Carriger event spec SAT 15 Blue Azule Join our Author GOH for Tea in the Blue Azule where she would be delighted to discuss her work, her genre, and any other topic fit for polite conversation. Tea (from the restaurant) would be at your own expense.
Barry Bard's At the Movies event spec/Media SUN 14 AB Get a sneak peak at trailers for some exciting new upcoming movies. After we will hold a raffle for FREE movie promotional material (T-shirts, baseball caps, special posters and whatever else the studios have sent us).Sponsored by CASFS.org
Meet the Pros event special FRI 18 A Talk show w GOH's + meet the pros
2nd Friday Open Mic event special FRI 21 A Our MC will interview our guests with piercing personal questions, ghostly guesses of activities, other-worldly views of their lives, and irreverent questions asked. After the show, enjoy Meet-the-pros for all to hobnob and rub shoulders with our guests!
Charity Auction event special SAT 13 A Charity auction for PCH
GOH Dinner event special SAT 17 other Dinner at the nearby (literally a block) Pier de Orleans Restaurant with our Guest of Honor.
Filk Mini-Festival event special SAT 22 A Because ... Filk!
Leprecon Art Auction event special SUN 13 Various things you’ve been staring at in the gallery come up for sale to the highest bidder.
Leprecon Film Festival event special THUR 15 AB We are hosting our Second Annual Film Festival showcasing videos selected as best in their category from local indie film producers. This event is open to the public
Teacup Headband wkshop StP FRI 18 F Create a special tea cup hair accessory, who knows it might just distract your opponent during tea dueling.Cups, headbands, bows, ribbons, and other accessories included. Cost $15/limit 15/ 2 hours
Parasol workshop wkshp StP SAT 13 F Join us for a couple of hours of pure fun. Release your inner child with paper parasols and paints. There will be paints in all the bright colors of the rainbow, as well as the darker ones for your Steam/Cyber-punk creations. And there will be glitter.
Steampunk angel wings wkshp StP SAT 16 F Mystic Twistic teaches how to make steampunk angel wings from cardboard and other materials. $3 Fee covers materials. Two hours.
Paper Fans wkshop StP SUN 10 F All ages come join us for a paper fan make and take!!
Flower Fascinators wkshop StP SUN 12 F In this workshop we will create lovely hair accessories to add to your steampunk collection.Fascinators were highly popular hair pins worn for special occasions during the late 1800′s.
Airship of 1897 demo StP SAT 11 B Author and historian David B Riley tells you everything you wanted to know about this, including why you should not call it a blimp.
Victorian Sex demo STP SAT 21 C Khurt Khave speaks openly abotu what went on behind closed doors, and in the darker corners of Victorian Society. 18+
Piratey Panel panel StP FRI 22 E In which real (fake) pirates answer your piratey questions, and parry your piratey observations with the the distinctive abuse of the Queen’s English that we have come to expect from them.
Steampunk 101 panel StP FRI 13 A What it is, what it's not, and why do people like it.
Steampunk  Films demo StP FRI 20 C Hal Astell hosts a collection of moving picture shows concerning past events that never really quite happened.
The Weird, Weird West panel StP SAT 13 B You can keep yer tea, and yer carriage ride to a gas-lit social hall. All the real action is out on the wild frontier! Is wild west steampunk the unmannered stepchild of the genre, or is it the last frontier with any real action left? Or both?
Advanced Steampunk panel StP SUN 11 A You get that steampunk is a real genre,and there’s more to it than gluing gears to stuff. Good. Here’s your chance to plunge into the smoke with our experts and talk about the deeper themes, emerging tropes and possible future of our imaginary past.
Is Steampunk Losing Steam? panel StP SUN 13 B Steampunk ideal and genre seems to be losing momentum back east, while here in Arizona, it seems to be chugging along. Is Steampunk still interesting in Arizona because of our hard western influences or is there something else going on here?
Steampunk Picture Frames workshop StP SUN 13 F Paint and decorate your own personal steampunk frame.
Pass-along story wkshp WRI FRI 14 CAB Write a passage, pass it along. You know the drill.
Setting vs Story panel WRI FRI 15 A Speculative fiction has a burden: creating a unique world (or universe even) and all the exposition that goes with that. How do you get through that kind of info-dump without reading like your story is interspersed among encyclopedia entries?
Writing for different mediums panel WRI SAT 12 C How does the medium shape the story and the storytelling? That all depends on, well everything. Our veterans explain why.
Forming and running a writer's Group panel WRI SAT 20 E How do you make a productive social activity out of what is essentially a solitsry pursuit? How do you keep that going without making everyone crazy?
Stump the Editor panel WRI SUN 10 E Bring your most stubborn literary conundrum to our panel of editors, and they will give you an answer - or a prize.
What's My Genre? panel WRI SUN 14 E Give a brief description of your project, and we'll tell you.
Writing Smut panel WRI/18+ SAT 21 E Because Erotic Literature takes too long to type, and fools no one. There are tricks to this end of the literary spectrum that no one would have taught you in English class, and our veterans know what they are.
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