We are an Arizona non-profit volunteer corporation that exists to promote Science Fiction and Fantasy (SF/F) with a special emphasis on SF/F art.

Leprecon Inc was incorporated in 1983 as a Arizona non-profit volunteer corporation. LepreCons 1 through 8 were sponsored by individuals; LepreCons 9 through present day were sponsored by the corporation. LepreCons 6 and 20 were cancelled due to hotel decisions and fan gatherings replaced them as more scaled back events. AlterCon I replaced Lep6 and AlterCon II replaced Lep20. LepreCon 35 was deliberately scaled back to be a fan gathering to relax after sponsoring two special events earlier that year (2009). Leprecon Inc also sponsors special events occasionally, such as World Horror Con 2004, World Fantasy Con 2004, Westercon 62 (FiestaCon) in 2009 and the first North American Discworld Convention in 2009. LepreCons are usually held in spring, although LepreCon 41 and 42 (currently contracted) will be held in early summer.