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Donate toward the 2015 convention in general or mark your pledge toward a specific department or goal. Examples of earmarked donations include promotions, hospitality suite, badge supplies, guest travel, most neglected department, item currently most in need of funds, pre-funds for 2016’s convention, corporate operating costs, et cetera.  This page may also be used to donate the cost of a badge, room night, or hotel restaurant meal towards a less fortunate member of fandom.

Anonymity or Recognition?
We will print a list of LepreCon Donors in our program book. LepreCon Donors who attend in 2015 will receive an achievement to be placed on their badge. If you don’t want us to print your name we can print a pseudonym, an anonymous notation, or leave you completely off the list. Whether you display or hide your achievement is up to you!

Your pledge is not tax deductible, but we will issue a receipt. Pledges are accepted via the links above or check or money order sent to LepreCon 2015 — 41st Annual Science Fiction Convention, Post Office Box 26665, Tempe, Arizona 85285-6665 USA.