Guest of Honor David Gerrold

David Gerrold, Guest of Honor!

Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Author!latest

David Gerrold wrote “The Trouble With Tribbles” episode of STAR TREK while still in college. That episode is now considered the most popular episode of the most popular TV series in history.

Gerrold followed that success with scripts for STAR TREK ANIMATED, LAND OF THE LOST, TWILIGHT ZONE, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, BABYLON 5, SLIDERS, and other hit TV series.

Between TV assignmenttribbles2s, he wrote three books on writing, edited five anthologies, and wrote over forty novels, including the Hugo and Nebula nominees WHEN HARLIE WAS ONE and THE MAN WHO FOLDED HIMSELF. His autobiographical tale of his son’s adoption, THE MARTIAN CHILD won both of those awards and became the basis for the 2007 film, MARTIAN CHILD, starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet. His alien-invasion series, THE WAR AGAINST THE CHTORR, has become a cult classic among science fiction readers. The fifth book in the series will be published before the end of 2015.

Gerrold started building his own computers in 1978 and continues to write articles and columns for various computer magazines. He taught screenwriting at PGerrold1epperdine University in Malibu for nearly twenty years and is also a licensed trainer in the Human Potential movement.

David Gerrold wrote and directed his first play, UNCLE DADDY WILL NOT BE INVITED, in 2013. He is already at work on a much more ambitious effort, tentatively entitled FOOTNOTE*. He will be a Guest of Honor at the 2015 WorldCon, science fiction’s highest lifetime achievement award.

Gerrold lives with his son, Sean, in Northridge, CA. He makes a habit of writing 2000 words a day, and throwing away 1500. When not writing books he pretends to be a curmudgeon on Facebook.

David Gerrold is appearing courtesy of a co-sponsorship with the United Federation of Phoenix.

The United Federation of Phoenix is the southwest’s (and one of America’s) oldest Star Trek and science fiction fan organization, continuously operating since1975. The club meUFP1ets every two weeks at various locations around the Phoenix metropolitan area. As a group the UFP have picnics, go to museums,watch science fiction, see movies, play games, as well as other things. The UFP also have a monthly newsletter, Subspace Chatter, which highlights science fiction and sci-fi media happenings, as well as other events that pertain to fandom.

The United Federation of Phoenix will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary with fandom at LepreCon this year.

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