Guest of Honor Dayton Ward

Dayton Ward, Guest of Honor!

New York Times Best Selling Author!

Dayton Ward

Dayton Ward

Dayton Ward is the New York Times bestselling author or co-author of nearly thirty novels and novellas, often working with his best friend, Kevin Dilmore. With Kevin and fellow author David Mack, he helped to develop Star Trek: Seekers, the “literary spin-off” to the critically acclaimed Star Trek Vanguard novel series. His short fiction has appeared in more than twenty anthologies, and he’s written for magazines such as Kansas City Voices, Star Trek and Star Trek Communicator, as well as the websites,, and

Until recently, Dayton was a software developer and analyst, having become a slave to Corporate America after spending eleven years in the U.S. Marine Corps. When asked, he’ll tell you that he joined the military soon after high school because he’d grown tired of people telling him what to do all the time.


In 2014, he took the bold step of leaving his “regular job” and now writes full time. Dayton’s most recent novels are Armageddon’s Arrow, a new adventure featuring Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E, and All That’s Left, the fourth Star Trek: Seekers novel, which will be released later this year. Other upcoming publications include an essay in the anthology The Sacred Scrolls: Comics on the Planet of the Apes, an original novel based on the critically acclaimed television series 24, and a sequel to his popular Star Trek novel From History’s Shadow.

Though Dayton currently lives in Kansas City with his wife and two daughters, Dayton is a Florida native and still maintains a torrid long-distance romance with his beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Visit Dayton on the web at

Dayton Ward is appearing courtesy of a co-sponsorship with the United Federation of Phoenix.

The United Federation of Phoenix is the southwest’s (and one of America’s) oldest Star Trek and science fiction fan organization, continuously operating since1975. The club meUFP1ets every two weeks at various locations around the Phoenix metropolitan area. As a group the UFP have picnics, go to museums,watch science fiction, see movies, play games, as well as other things. The UFP also have a monthly newsletter, Subspace Chatter, which highlights sciencefictionand sci-fi media happenings, as well as other events that pertain to fandom.

The United Federation of Phoenix will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary with fandom at LepreCon this year.

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