Cospitality Lounge

Welcome to the future! While we don’t have self-tying shoes we do provide all our costuming members a place to cool down, relax, and fix a few things.  LepreCon’s Cospitality Lounge is also a photo-free zone, so please keep your camera (phones and otherwise) at bay when visiting this area.

We cater to the needs of costumers, cosplayers, furries, and superheroes. We will have basic sewing supplies, some glue-guns, hair items, water, and the every so useful duct tape.  Keep in mind equipment that is provided at the Cospitality lounge is provided free of use to our attendees, but donations to replace those items are greatly appreciated.

Our scheduled hours will typically be 10-6 Friday & Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday.  We have room for volunteers as well.  If you can manage a couple  hours of your time, provide friendly service, watch over things, think on the spot, and possibly provide costume fixing needs we appreciate your contributions.