Mini Film Festival

By popular demand, Hal C F Astell of Apocalypse Later returns to program and present a mini-film festival at LepreCon for the third year running.

Come on out on Thursday, opening night, for an all-new 90 minute set of award-winning short sci-fi films from around the world and here in Arizona, including a few that tie to this year’s time travel theme. This set is FREE and open to the public and will feature a Q&A with local filmmakers.

If you enjoy Thursday’s set and don’t already have a membership to the weekend’s convention, please consider buying one because Hal will be back on Friday night with a second all-new 90 minute set of international award-winning short sci-fi films.

What’s more, on Saturday night he’ll have a 90 minute retrospective set of short steampunk films shown at other Apocalypse Later mini-film festivals over the last year.

There will be NO duplication between sets. Remember: Thursday’s set is FREE and open to the public, but the sets on Friday and Saturday are only accessible if you have a LepreCon membership badge.


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