Programming Schedule

All programming is subject to the winds of fate, some things may disappear and others appear…like a leaf on the wind.

Please refer to the Pocket Program for most up-to-date information

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Pocket Program Legend: A=Art, C=Costuming, F=Film/Media, L=Literature/Writing, M=Music, O=Other, S=Science, SP=Steampunk,W=Workshops


Art Show Auction

Sun 1p-2p, Art Show room

Balloon Art Sculptures. Amazing works of art that last a wee bit longer than a soap bubble. Suggested donation for supplies is $5 per person at the panel.

Sat 5p-6p, Suite D. Madam Eileen, Samuel Smith

Balloon Crafting Workshop. The magic of balloons in the palm of your hand.  Learn the basics from Madam Eileen. Make swords, shields and more to defend the fair maidens and vanquish your enemies. Suggested donation for supplies is $5 per person at the panel.

Fri 7p-8p, Suite D. Madam Eileen, Samuel Smith

Body Painting Demo. Adults Only. Volunteers welcome.

Thursday, 7p to 11p, Suite D. Sheila Logan

Sat 730p-11p, Suite D. Sheila Logan

Color Theory. What is Color Theory, really? Is it different than the physical reality of pigments artists use? What is the best use of color in art?  Gilead and Dain will talk about their experiences using color in different ways across art worlds.

Sun 3p-4p, Suite E. Dain Q. Gore, Gilead  

Copyrights & Dissolution. Discussion of laws that pertain to protecting copyrights.

Sat 3p-4p, Suite E. Timothy Collier

Dance Lesson for the Costume Ball. Learn some steps and dances that will be done at the Costume Ball!

No experience necessary. No partner necessary. Simple, social, and fun! Wear comfortable shoes.

Take some extra time to learn to dance like Cinderella, Prince Charming, Kaylee, Mal, Miss Bennett, or Mr. Darcy.

Sat 1p-230p, Room 3037. Alex Cantos of Az Shindig is your Host

Drawing Demo. This is the follow-through for Gilead’s Reference Work panel. From the work done in that panel, Gilead will demonstrate a drawing demo. This will be followed by a Painting Demo based on the same work.

Fri 2p-3p, Suite E. Gilead

Face Painting for Kids. Madam Eileen is a true artist and loves to work in many mediums.  Get unique works of art painted on you. If you name it there is a good chance she can paint it.   Eileen uses only Cosmetic grade products and paints for your health and safety.  Art may be accented with glitter and gems as requested. Suggested donation for supplies is $5 per person at the panel.

Sat 4p-5p, Suite D. Madam Eileen, Samuel Smith

Freelance Illustrator: Making It. How do you find clients? How do you promote yourself?  How do you create an online portfolio?  Who is your target audience?  These are the questions that they don’t teach you in art school.  Learn how to swim in the shark-infested waters of the freelance world.

Sat 8p-9p, Suite C. Chaz Kemp, Jeff Perryman, Ken Kelly, Jennifer Brozek  

Geeky Kids Crafts: Fairies, Mermaids & Princesses. Come meet with our special guests, children’s author Brenda Cranson and illustrator Wendy Wasson, as they show us how to create fun and easy crafts for the little geeks in your life.  Get some great ideas, learn about some fun resources and get the chance to make a fairy of your very own.  Boys and girls are welcome in this fun panel.  There is a $3 materials fee for this panel if you would like to participate in the craft.

Sun 2p-3p, Suite D. Brenda Cranson, Wendy Wasson

Geeky Kids Crafts: Monsters, Aliens and Creatures. Meet Brenda Cranson and Wendy Wasson, the creators of the popular Boomsnickle series, as they show you how to create your very own monsters, aliens and other magical creatures.  The panelists will give lots of ideas, share helpful resources, and give you the chance to make your very own monster.  All little geeks and their parents are welcome in this panel.  There is a $3 materials fee for this panel if you would like to participate in the craft.

Sat 3p-4p, Suite D. Brenda Cranson, Wendy Wasson

Importance of Having Your Own Artistic Style. The Japanese Anime style of drawing is very, very popular as is the photo-realism of most fantasy/sci-fi book covers. But should you try to emulate them as a way to further your career?  It’s a subject of much debate in the artistic community.  This panel focuses on why it’s so important to develop your own style so that you can stand apart from the herd.
Fri 6p-7p, Suite C. Chaz Kemp, Jeff Perryman

Life with the Artist. You know the Artist, but what about the people who helped get the artist to where they are today? What is it like to be the Significant Other of a creative person, what you can expect and what not to expect.

Sat 6p-7p, Suite E. Stellar Miller, Lori Herrin

Meet Ken Kelly. His awesome career as an internationally known artist includes heroic fantasy, book covers, trading cards, artwork for toy companies and calendars. He is also well-known for his KISS art including painting their guitars and doing album cover art for metal bands. Meeting Ken is an opportunity you should not miss!

Sat 2p-3p, Suite C.

Meet Larry Hama. The award-winning multi-talented artist/cartoonist/illustrator/actor/musician has written for G.I. Joe, Wolverine, Bucky O’Hare, Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man and too many more to mention. His acting career included M*A*S*H, Saturday Night Live and Robot Chicken. He’s currently working on the film “Ghost Source Zero” to be released in 2015.

Fri 1p-2p, Suite C.

Painting Demo. This is the follow-through for Gilead’s Reference Work panel. From the work done in that panel, Gilead will demonstrate a painting demo. This will follow the Drawing Demo based on the same work.

Fri 5p-6p, Suite E. Gilead

Puppetry, The Secret World. A focus on making/performing and the experiences being in that world. We will relate how we got into puppetry, and what motivates us.

Sun 4p-5p, Suite C. Dain Q. Gore. Mack Duncan.

Sketch off. Come watch our Artists, Gilead, Dain Q. Gore and Jeff Perryman, in the battle of the brushes as they race to make the most compelling piece of art. The subject of their art will not be revealed to them until the timer is about to start. Our Guest of Honor, Ken Kelly, will be judging.

Sun 10a-Noon, Ventanas. Gilead, Dain Q. Gore, Jeff Perryman. Ken Kelly – Judge.

Sketch Time. Everyone has creative potential and can learn to draw. In this panel, we will learn to draw a few whimsical fantasy creatures. We will also talk about techniques such as foreshortening, shading, contour lines, overlapping, shadows, etc. This panel is for beginners of all ages, though all experience levels are welcome. If you love those old “How to Draw” books from your childhood, this panel is for you. Materials will be provided to draw some fun cartoony creatures.

Sun 11a-Noon, Suite D. Jason Youngdale

Slideshow for Reference Work. How to make photos as a model for a picture. This panel will have two follow-up demos: Drawing Demo and Painting Demo.

Fri Noon-1p, Suite E. Gilead.

Survive the Spotlight. With success comes attention. We’ll discuss how to talk in front of a camera, how to prepare for an interview and anything else that comes to our minds.

Sun 1p-2p, Suite C. Gilead, Stellar Miller, Ken Kelly, Camille & Kennerly Kitt

VHS Cover Art. A discussion on how much impact or distract the cover art had for VHS movies.

Sat 1p-2p, Suite C. Jasper Crawford, Victor Moreno, Hal Astell.


Jennifer Brozek        Sat 11a-1130a, Suite E
Brenda Cranson        Sat 1130a-Noon, Suite E
Darryl Dawson        Fri 8p-830p, Suite E
Kevin Dilmore        Sun 230p-3p, Suite C
Diana Gallegos        Sat 11a-1130a, Suite E
David Gerrold        Sun 2p-230p, Suite C
Larry Hama        Sat 11a-1130a, Suite E
Ken Kelly, $10 fee per autograph        Sun 230p-3p, Suite C
Kennerly and Camille Kitt, the Harp Twins        Sat 1130a-Noon, Suite E
Tom Leveen        Fri 8p-830p, Suite E
Victor Moreno        Sun 2p-230p, Suite C
Nerdzerker        Fri 8p-830p, Suite E
David Lee Summers        Sat 11a-1130a, Suite E
Dayton Ward        Sat 1130a-Noon, Suite E


Boot Covers Made Easy. Let’s face it – fantastical boots and shoes just don’t exist in real life. So if you want your costume to look like it came right off the page, you’ll need to learn to make boot covers! Cosplayer and lover of boot covers, Luluko, will guide you through making the perfect pair of boot covers, and even show you some of her own.

Sat 2p-3p, Suite D. Luluko, Bernard Ong

Cosplay is Not Consent. By now you’ve heard this phrase a lot around conventions, but what does it mean? What are your rights as a cosplayer, and what are your obligations as a fellow con-goer? We’ll discuss good con etiquette, including how not to be a creep, when it’s ok to take photos, just how close you can get to that guy or girl you’re having your photo taken with, and much more.

Sun 5p-6p, Suite C. Carolyn Kay, Victor Bug

Cosplay Makeup Live Demo. Wigs and costumes just aren’t enough – if you really want to become your favorite character, you need makeup to complete the transformation! You’ll not only learn about the essentials of makeup, but your host Luluko will also apply her makeup for the day right before your eyes!

Sat Noon-1p, Suite E. Luluko, Bernard Ong

Costume Ball. Music, dancing, social geekery! Come party like queens and princes!!! (Mostly ones with names like Victoria and Albert.) This is, as the British say, a Fancy Dress Ball. So come in costume, or just dressed fancy and be ready to have a ball!  You may want to test your costume for danceability by skipping around the house in it a bit first. And if your costume necessitates a handler, make sure they are willing to dance too!

Sat 8p-10p, Ventanas. Alex Cantos of Az Shindig is your Host.  

Crafting Foam Armor Demo. In this panel you will learn the magic of craft foam:  a cheap and easily acquired material that can make almost anything.  You will learn how to sculpt and alter foam to make armor, hats, accessories and more.  Diana will teach you sealing and painting techniques; that with a little creativity, can add magic to your costume.

Sun 10a-11a, Suite D. Diana Gallegos

Face Your Cosplay Fears. Too scared to heat up your glue gun? Terrified of dealing with haters? Cosplay can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Hosted by cosplayer Luluko, this is a safe space where cosplayers of all levels can ask any questions they have about cosplay and the community.

Sat 4p-5p, Suite E. Luluko, Bernard Ong

Geeky Kids Crafts: Costumes. Children’s author Brenda Cranson and Illustrator Wendy Wasson will show you how to make awesome costumes with just the stuff you have around the house.  Become a prince or princess, Fairy or Wizard, monster or superhero.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Help yourself break out of the ordinary.  We will have some costumes to play with and everyone will have an opportunity to rock their awesomeness in our mini- fashion show.

Fri 2p-330p, Suite D. Brenda Cranson, Wendy Wasson, Diana Gallegos

Masquerade. Join our Judges for our Masquerade Competition. There will be prizes for the Best of Show and Fan Favorite. Your Master of Ceremonies is Victor Bugg.

Sat 6p-7p, Ventanas.

Masquerade practice & tech walk-thru

Sat 430p-530p, Ventanas.

Sewing 101. Pattern modification. Do patterns confuse you?  Come to sewing 101 to learn how to alter patterns to accommodate your size, make small changes and even how to combine patterns to create an original design.  Come prepared to take notes that you can use later.

Sun 3p-4p, Suite D. Diana Gallegos

Starwars Cosplay for Women. Princess Leia is one of the most well-known female characters from Star Wars. But you aren’t limited to donning her cinnamon bun hairdo or the barely-there slave outfit for your Star Wars cosplay. Whether you like Jedi, Sith, Twi’leks or Stormtoopers, the sky’s the limit! Come discuss some of your favorite Star Wars characters and all the ways you can cosplay them.

Sun 1230a-130p, Room 3037. Carolyn Kay, Ileana Herrera

What is a Kilt. You might think you know but it isn’t all about what Hollywood portrays. What we think of as an authorized kilt or tartan isn’t as ancient as you might believe. And the US is leading the charge in making ‘utility kilts’ a common form of dress.

Sat 6p-7p, Suite D. Duncan Tucker, Hal C F Astell

Wig Styling. Ever wanted to take that dive into wig styling? Does it scare you? Join us in the basics of wig styling and how to ventilate a lace front wig.

Fri 6p-7p, Suite D. Serena Ross


2015 Movies. From “Jupiter Ascending” & “Avengers – Age of Ultron” to upcoming movies like “Terminator: Genisys” & “Star Wars Episode VII”, geeks have a plethora of films to see this year.  In this panel let’s all go down the list and talk about which films get 2 thumbs up, which films crashed and burned and which ones we’re most looking forward to seeing in 2015!

Fri 1p-2p, Ventanas. Chaz Kemp, Kevin Dilmore, Dayton Ward

Avatar the Last Airbender Q&A. You think you know Avatar? Think you can outwit a Master Bender? Join us and see how well you do!

Fri 4p-5p, Ventanas. Serena Ross

Dr. Who: Old & New. You know the sound of the TARDIS. You probably have a multi-colored scarf and a replica Sonic Screwdriver – but which one?  50 years of the show has given us twelve different Doctors to love.  Which is your favorite – old, or new?

Fri 3p-4p, Ventanas. Cat Greenberg, Carolyn Kay  

Kill it, Don’t Ship it. Most people talk of what characters they want in a relationship. This panel is about what characters you hate and wish were no longer in the show “killed off.”

Sun 3p-4p, Suite C. Johnna Buttrick, Christine Bedell

Land of the Lost. Come meet the creator of the Sleestak race from the TV show “Land of the Lost” David Gerrold.  This show aired 1974-1977 and featured a family dropped through a hole in space and had to survive in a dinosaur inhabited world.  Gerrold also wrote scripts for this popular Saturday morning show.

Fri 2p-3p, Suite C. David Gerrold.

Mini Film Festival. Featuring an all-new 90 minute set of award-winning short sci-fi films from around the world and here in Arizona, including a few that tie to this year’s time travel theme. Thursday’s set is FREE and open to the public and will feature a Q&A with local filmmakers. Friday’s set will be all new and different so don’t miss this one, either. And on Saturday, he’ll have a 90 minute retrospective set of short steampunk films shown at other Apocalypse Later mini-film festivals over the last year.

Thurs 8p-930p, Ventanas. Hal C F Astell

Fri 6p-730p, Ventanas. Hal C F Astell  

Sat, 730p-9p, Suite E. Hal C F Astell

Star Trek: Phase II on the inside with David Gerrold. Star Trek: Phase II is one of the longest running and highest quality Star Trek fan film series, that included actors from TS.  Join our own Trekspert Dr. Dave and UFP Special Guest David Gerrold to discuss production of Gerrold’s Phase II episode, “Blood and Fire.”

Sat 1p-2p, Suite E. David Gerrold, Dr. David Williams

Star Trek Universe Update with the United Federation of Phoenix. So what is happening with Star Trek?  How is the new movie coming?  Are there any plans for a TV series?  What new books are coming out?  Join Dr. Dave with our Trek author guests Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore for a discussion of future Trek happenings!

Sat 7p-8p, Suite C. Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Eileen Johnson, Dr. David Williams (moderator)

SuperHeroes of TV and Film. Who’s your favorite? Did you read the comics? Marvel is a juggernaut that isn’t slowing down. Are there heroes who didn’t measure up when on the silver screen? Which ones should Marvel do next?

Fri 11a-Noon, Ventanas. Serena Ross, Kirby Nelson

Tribute to Leonard Nimoy. This year we lost Leonard Nimoy, the actor who gave life to Star Trek’s most popular character, Mr. Spock.  Please join us for this memorial discussion where we look at the many contributions that Leonard Nimoy made to Star Trek and other forms of creativity.

Sun 11a-Noon, Suite E. Dr. David Williams, Eileen Johnson

Tranya Time – Private Event. Exclusive hang out for UFP members with Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, & David Gerrold. This is a closed, private event. Membership in UFP is required.

Sun 4p-5p, Suite E. David Gerrold, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore

What Lies Beneath: The Creeping Horror Behind Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Join the masterminds behind Phoenix’s leading revival cinema series, Cult Classics AZ, and FreakyWearz Clothing (“to be caught dead in”) as they discuss the terror behind some of your favorite sci-fi and fantasy films. Horror often informs sci-fi and the imagination and we’ll explore it in this panel.

Fri 9p-10p, Suite C. Victor Moreno, Kirby Nelson, Jasper Crawford


Art of Self Promotion. You’ve spent years developing and honing your craft and whether that craft is writing, art, music or something else the questions remains the same:  How do I get noticed? How do I gain a fan-base? In this panel, we hope to help you get on the road to making a name for yourself.

Sat 5p-6p, Suite C. Chaz Kemp, Darryl Dawson, Brenda Cranson

Cultural Diversity in Genre Fiction. The survival of any art form is directly dependent on the inclusion of different perspectives. What are some of the obstacles that women, African-Americans, LGBT and other groups deal with in the writing business, and how do we overcome them? How did the Hugo Awards get so screwed up? How do we create characters without stereotypes?

Sat Noon-1p, Suite C. Darryl Dawson, Larry Hama.

Dancing in History & Fiction. Cinderella wanted, more than anything, to go to the Ball. Let’s talk about the place of social dancing in our favorite fictional or historical stories.

Sun 10A-11A, Suite C. Alex Canto

Graphic Storytelling. The author of “GI JOE #21 Silent Interlude” will do a slide show deconstruction to illustrate graphic storytelling.

Sun 1p-2p, Suite E. Larry Hama

Help I’m Stuck! Is writer’s block a real thing, or just a myth? What happens when your beginning, middle, or end is languishing? Join Jennifer Brozek and Tom Leveen for a fast-paced talk and Q&A on one of the writing life’s toughest aspects. Let us help you defeat the tyranny of the blank page!

Sat 10a-11a, Suite C. Jennifer Brozek, Tom Leveen

Meet David Gerrold. David Gerrold is best known to the world as the man who wrote “The Trouble with Tribbles” on the original Star Trek series. But to his fans, his work is so much more. He also has several books and screenplays to his credit. And his story of his son’s adoption became a movie starring John Cusack. We know you have questions of this icon, so we’ll expect to see you here.

Sat 11a-Noon, Suite C. David Gerrold, Dr. David Williams (moderator), Eileen Johnson.

Meet Dayton Ward. This is the man who’s been pumping out fan-favorite Star Trek stories since 2001, both solo and collaborative with his friend Kevin Dilmore. He contributes to Star Trek Magazine, and Meet the man and make a memory.

Fri 4p-5p, Suite C.

Meet Jennifer Brozek. Meet our Hugo Award-nominated editor and award-winning writer of fourteen published anthologies, more than sixty published short stories and a slew of RPG sourcebooks. This woman can do it all and you have a chance to meet her in person.

Fri 3p-4p, Suite C.

Novels vs Short Stories. When do you know if you’re writing a novel, a short story or something in-between? It’s more than just word count.

Sun 11a-Noon, Suite C. Darryl Dawson, Tom Leveen

Star Trek Authors Unite! Join Star Trek authors Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore to discuss their recent and upcoming Trek novels and stories!

Sat 3p-4p, Suite C. Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore

Write Awesome Dialogue! With 22 years stage experience, author Tom Leveen’s most popular class comes to LepreCon. Learn how to construct solid plots and characters, and then how to give them things to say that will set your writing apart. A great class for anyone interested in writing fiction, screenplays, or for the stage.

Fri Noon-1p, Ventanas. Tom Leveen

Write Great Description. Author Tom Leveen takes you through the nine senses – yep, nine! – you can use in your fiction or other storytelling, as well as other tips and techniques that will make your descriptive writing shine like the _____ (fill in the blank!)

Fri 6p-7p, Suite E. Tom Leveen

Write Marketable Horror. Thousands of people finish novels every year, but how many make it to bookstore shelves? Join Darryl Dawson and Tom Leveen for a discussion on what makes a horror novel marketable to agents, editors, and the reading public.

Fri 11a-Noon, Suite C. Darryl Dawson, Tom Leveen

Writing for Licensed Properties. Discuss the process of writing for a universe that isn¹t yours. Writers who have worked on numerous properties for various companies will share their experiences and some tips to have in mind when playing with someone else¹s toys. How can you, the new writer, crack these markets? Is it even possible? Drop in for a sit-down, and find out what it takes!

Fri 8p-9p, Suite C. Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Jennifer Brozek, Larry Hama

Writing Star Trek.   Join UFP 40th Anniversary Guests of Honor David Gerrold & Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore for a free-for-all discussion about writing for Star Trek in all its forms.  We will also discuss our author’s opinions on the future of Star Trek on the large and small screens.

Sun Noon-1p, Suite E. David Gerrold, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Dr. David Williams (moderator)


Drum Circle. Calling all drummers! Bring your drum and share the beat of your soul in our Open Drum Circle.

Sat 4p-5p, Room 3037.
Sun 6p-7p, Room 3037.

Evolution of Filk: From Folk’s Love Child to the Soundtrack of SF&F Fandom. What filk is and how it has evolved over the decades.

Fri 5p-6p, Room 3037. Valerie Ritchie, Cat Greenberg, Gary Swaty  

Introduction to Guitar. Ever think about learning how to play Guitar? Mark Horning will go over the basics.   Bring your own instrument if you have one. Mark will bring a few extra guitars if you need to borrow one. We will discuss introductory chords, how to hold the instrument and tips for picking out your first instrument. (or a better one)

Sat 11a-Noon, Room 3037. Mark Horning  

Meet the Harp Twins. A singular opportunity to meet the famous Harp Twins up close and personal. These two women have revolutionized perceptions of harp music. Here’s a chance to ask your “hows and whys.”

Sat 4p-5p, Suite C. Camille and Kennerly Kitt

Music & Lyrics, or How do you write a song? Our panelists will describe the songwriting process. Lyrics or Music first? Plotting. How does writing music/songs differ from other types of creative writing such as short stories?

Sat 5p-6p, Room 3037. Cat Greenberg, Mark Horning  

Open Filk

Thurs 8p-whenever, Room 3037.
Fri 9p-whenever, Room 3037.
Sat 8p-whenever, Room 3037.

Dead Dog Filk.

Sun 7p-whenever, Room 3037.

Taiko Drums Talk. Taiko (Japanese ensemble drumming) viz. Battlestar Galactica (2003) Season 3 Episode 4 “Storming New Caprica.” From 150,000 years ago comes a sound track of the technological future. The drums are not music that you hear, they are sonic energy transfers that directly affect your breathing and your heart rate. This art form dates back thousands of years and yet saw a complete renaissance in the 1950’s and is expanding and diversifying in the 21st Century and is now a common element of sci-fi sound tracks.

Sat 10a-11a, Suite E. Murray Writtle, Emma Sansone.

Taiko Drumming Performance. Taiko, The Big Drum, is a dynamic art form embodying not only sound but movement to carry its universal message of connection. It is no accident that the drum and the heart beat as one. Come and not only hear but feel and be moved by the big drum. We will perform a short selection of taiko pieces from the repertoire of the Fushicho Daiko Dojo on multiple drums in a variety of styles from introspective, to rousing and festive. Please be warned that the drums are surprisingly loud and piercing.

Sat Noon-1p, Ventanas. Murray Writtle, Emma Sansone.

Tech Behind the Techno. An introduction to the art and techniques of electronic music production with some inside examples of how Ember Aeonic produces this music live without backing tracks.

Sun 5p-6p, Room 3037. Ember Aeonic

What Inspired Us. Nerdzerker has spent the last five years writing about the media they enjoy, and occasionally creating their own fictional world. Learn how they choose where to draw from.

Fri 7p-8p, Room 3037. Nerdzerker


Ember Aeonic Concert
Fri 9p-10p, Ventanas
Sun 1230p-130p, Ventanas.

Harp Twin Concert
Electric Harp Duet Performances
Fri 8p-9p, Ventanas.
Sat 130p-230p, Ventanas
Sun 4p-5p, Ventanas

Mark Horning
Fri 6p-7p, Room 3037.

Sat 3p-4p, Ventanas.
Sun 230p-330p, Ventanas.

Valerie Ritchie and Cat Greenberg. Mark Horning to provide backup.
Sat 6p-7p, Room 3037.

O: OTHER (that which defies our other tracks)

Closing Ceremonies. The time has come to bring LepreCon 2015 – 41st Annual Science Fiction Convention to an end. As we say good bye, come find out what we can expect next.

Sun 6p-7p, Ventanas.

Get Involved in Your Geek Community. Are you local and want to get involved in Phoenix’s burgeoning geek scene? Join representatives from Geekly Phoenix, Cult Classics AZ and more as we discuss ways to make your geek name in the Valley.  A great panel for burgeoning indie creators, those looking to get involved in conventions for their fandom and how to be a part of the scene locally in shops events and how to find indie events!

Sat 6p-7p, Suite C. Victor Moreno, Ruby Tate

Industry Talk: Table Top Games vs Videogames. A professional discusses the difference between writing for pen and paper RPGs and videogames. They are two very different animals.

Fri 4p-5p, Suite E. Jennifer Brozek

Kickstarter 101. It’s not enough to have an idea or be creative in order to fund a successful Kickstarter. There are practical considerations and one should approach the process eyes-wide-open.

Sat 3p-4p, Room 3037. Stellar Miller, Gilead.

Kilt-Off. No, it’s not how it sounds; but, you may see some nice kilt-strutting males. We need male volunteers who own a kilt to come show us how it fits. And we need a bunch of female judges to evaluate. It’s all in fun, Adults Only please.

Sat 10p-11p, Ventanas. Dee Astell, Duncan Tucker, Hal Astell

Leprecon Q & A. This is the portion of the convention where we answer your questions about LepreCon. Want to know why we did something a certain way? Curious about the method behind the Convention? Now is your chance to come find out from the people running the convention. Share with us your convention ideas as we finish with LepreCon 41 and start thinking ahead to LepreCon 42.

Sun 7p-8p, Ventanas.

Opening Ceremonies. Welcome to LepreCon 2015 – 41st Annual Science Fiction Convention. Come meet the people who help make the con happen. This will also be your first opportunity to meet our illustrious guests.

Fri 10a-11a, Ventanas.

Stage Fighting Demo. Have you ever wanted to do on-stage sword fighting and make it look like it’s real but not make it so dangerous that you may hurt yourself or someone else? Then this panel is the one to go to.

Sat 10a-1130a, Ventanas. Bernard Ong

YouTube Pro Tips with the Harp Twins. Find out from experienced users the best and most effective ways to post on YouTube.

Fri 2p-3p, Ventanas. Kennerly and Camille Kitt


3D Printing. If you’ve wondered about 3-D printing, here’s a singular opportunity to see a machine up close, find out more about the technology and talk to the people using it.

Sun 2p-3p, Suite E. Amanda Tucker, Jared Thorn

Asteroids, Ion Propulsion, and NASA’s Dawn Mission to Vesta and Ceres. This is NASA’s Year of the Dwarf Planet, and it began with the arrival of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft at Ceres.  Join our own Dr. Dave, a member of the Dawn Science Team, for a discussion of the mission and to see the early results from the first orbits of this unique dwarf planet.

Fri 7p-8p, Suite E. Dr. David Williams

Discovering New Worlds. A panel about the techniques used to discover planets beyond the solar system and a look at the kinds of worlds discovered.

Fri 3p-4p, Suite E. David Lee Summers.

How to Make Your Own Telescope. A professional shows you how you can make a simple and stylish Newtonian telescope from easy-to-find, inexpensive parts that’s easy to transport and set up so you can enjoy the night sky

Fri 5p-6p, Suite D. David Lee Summers

Mars: Land Across the Aether. A presentation about Mars of the 19th century and how it became a place in the popular imagination. Where did the Martian canals come from? A look at the early debates about Martian life. Listen to Tesla’s recordings of extraterrestrial signals.

Sun 10a-11a, Suite E. David Lee Summers.

NASA New Horizons Mission to Pluto. For the first time a spacecraft is visiting Pluto and its moons!  Join Dr. Dave to discuss this final planetary flyby mission and see the first images of Pluto from New Horizons approach (Flyby is July 15)!

Sat 5p-6p, Suite E. Dr. David Williams

Planets Outside the Solar System. A look at how we discover planets outside the solar system, what kinds of planets we’ve discovered, what we know about them, and the future of planet hunting.

Sat 2p-3p, Suite E. David Lee Summers

Star Party. The Phoenix Astronomical Society will be hosting a Star Party in the evening. Several telescopes will be available for viewing the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. This event is ‘weather permitting.’ For more events like this:

Fri 730p-10p. Terri Finch. Outside Patio, upper level

Sat 730p-10p. Terri Finch. Outside Patio, upper level


East Coast meets West Coast Steampunk Style. How does Steampunk fashion and style differ from the east coast to the west coast?

Fri 7p-8p, Suite C. Dee Astell, Ileana Herrera, David Lee Summers

Creating Multi-Cultural Steampunk Characters. We’ve all enjoyed thrilling tales set in the streets of London but let’s be honest… the 1800s happened everywhere.  Where are the heroes from China, Africa, Ireland, India, Spain or even the natives of our own beloved America?  Through the magic of audience participation, we’re going to create a non-English steampunk hero together.

Fri Noon-1p, Suite C. Chaz Kemp, Carolyn Kay

Steampunk and History. Steampunk blends elements of history, science fiction, and fantasy.  How much historical research needs to go into your steampunk story?  Can you completely reinvent history for your steampunk story?  Does it even have to be set in history to be called steampunk?

Sat 10p-11p, Suite C. David Lee Summers

Steampunk Before it was Steampunk. A discussion of film, TV, books that had steampunk elements before the term “steampunk” was coined.

Fri 1p-2p, Suite E. Dee Astell, Hal C F Astell, Jasper Crawford.  

Tea Dueling. Contestants will dunk cookies in hot tea and learn the rules and techniques to be victorious in the fine art of tea dueling. Hosted by the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls and featuring Tea Dueling World Champion Khurt Khave who literally wrote the book on the pastime.

Sat 10a-11a, Room #3037.   Khurt Khave, Johnna Buttrick, Christine Bedell, Dee Astell

Sun 11a-Noon, Room #3037.   Khurt Khave, Johnna Buttrick, Christine Bedell, Dee Astell


Flower Fascinator. In this workshop we will create lovely flower accessories. Fascinators were highly popular hair pins worn for special occasions during the late 1800’s. Limited to 25 people, cost is $10.

Fri 8p-9p, Suite D. 1 hour. Dee Astell, Ileana Herrera, Shawn Flanders

Paint & Take Miniatures. Gaming miniatures, open studio setting. Lessons on how to get started and additional help available if requested; paints, brushes and miniatures provided. All skill levels!
Good for supervised kids. Limited to 12 people. No cost.

Sat 10a-11a, Suite D. Dain Q. Gore.

Paper Fans. All ages come and join us for a paper fan Make and Take! Paper fans, paints, crayons, etc. included. Limited to 25 people, cost is $5.

Sat 11a-Noon, Suite D. Johnna Buttrick

Steampunk Gun workshop. Personalize your own gun to fit your style, rub-n-buff class, Gun, gears, and do dads will be provided in the supplies. Limited to 25 people, cost is $8.

Fri 11a-1p, Suite D. Dee Astell, Shawn Flanders

Steampunk-style Picture Frame. Paint and Decorate your own personal Steampunk frame. Assorted wooden frames to choose from; paint, rub & buff, gears, and accessories included. (Feel free to bring any special items you would like to add to your frame) Limited to 25 people, cost is $10.

Sun 4p-530p, Suite D. Dee Astell, Shawn Flanders

Steampunk Teacup Hair Accessory. Create a special tea cup headband hair accessory, who knows it just might distract your opponent during Tea Dueling. Cups, headbands, bows, ribbons, and other accessories included. Limited to 15 people, cost is $25.

Sat Noon-2p, Suite D. Dee Astell, Shawn Flanders

Steampunk Trinket Box. Paint and decorate your own personal steampunk trinket box. Assorted wooden boxes to choose from, paint, gears, and accessories included. (Feel free to bring any special items you would like to add to your box) Limited to 25 people, cost is $10.

Sun Noon-2p, Suite D. Dee Astell, Shawn Flanders