Fan Tables

LepreCon will have fan tables available for non-profit groups and events to advertise themselves. These are community outreach tables. The person who officially coordinates the group’s / event’s fan table, Fan Table Coordinator, must purchase at minimum an Attending Full Membership in the convention. Anyone else who staffs that fan table may do so without an additional membership, although the convention encourages them to obtain one to benefit our convention.

Fan tables will be located in the upper pre-convene, or foyer, outside the upper ballroom near the lobby lounge. The tables will be 6’x2.5′ in size with two banquet chairs per table and linen to cover the bare table. Skirting may or may not be supplied depending on supply at the hotel and demand by the convention elsewhere. Approximate hours of operation are up to the group / event, but in the past the tables have been staffed Friday 3pm-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-3pm. Because of the hotel’s lounge happy hour we have seen 5pm instead of 6pm on Fri/Sat, but not always.


Once the location of other convention departments is decided we will know how many tables we will have available. Each group / event requesting a fan table will be limited to one table. Assignments will be made on a first-come / first-served basis with a wait list once all tables are assigned. Contact Us for Fan table requests with Fan Table Request in the subject line. Receipt of the request should be confirmed within 24 hours. Should no confirmation email be received, be sure to resend as we all know how emails behave from time to time.

If you are unsure whether your group or event qualifies for a free fan table, please send an inquiry with details and we’ll make a decision.