Vendors in the Vendor Hall

What convention would be complete without a Vendor Hall packed full of vendors!  We’ll continue announcing more vendors as the convention gets nearer, but we can guarantee you this is one year you do not want miss LepreCon’s Vendor Hall!

Open Friday 10am – 5pm
Open Saturday 10am – 5pm
Open Sunday 10am – 5pm

Ken Kelly

Throughout a career spanning over 40 years, Ken Kelly has achieved an international reputation as one of a handful of master painters of sword and sorcery/heroic fantasy. Kelly got his start doing covers for Famous Monsters magazines, but it wasn’t until he painted both the Destroyer and Love Gun covers for KISS that Kelly became noticed around the globe and Kelly has since painted a tremendous amount of book covers (his Conan covers being some of his most beloved works).

For more info on Ken Kelly visit his website at:

Camille and Kennerly — The Harp Twins

Camille and Kennerly Kitt are the world’s only professional identical twin Harp Duo. Known as the “Harp Twins”, Camille and Kennerly were classically trained and earned Bachelor of Music degrees in Harp Performance, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Not content to follow traditional classical boundaries, Camille and Kennerly embarked on their journey to bring the Harp where no harps have gone before – literally and musically. They are a radical harp duet revolution.

For More info on the Harp Twins visit their website at

Victor Moreno

Victor Moreno is an artist, designer and entrepreneur based in Tempe, Arizona. He is well known for designing websites for film companies and bands and artists such as Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, the Elvis Presley estate, and Frank Sinatra. Victor has exhibited his artwork at conventions around the country since 2007 and exhibits and programs films for Cult Classics in Tempe, Arizona.

You can find more about Victor Moreno by visiting his website at

David Gerrold

David Gerrold wrote “The Trouble With Tribbles” episode of STAR TREK while still in college. That episode is now considered the most popular episode of the most popular TV series in history.

Gerrold followed that success with scripts for STAR TREK ANIMATED, LAND OF THE LOST, TWILIGHT ZONE, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, BABYLON 5, SLIDERS, and other hit TV series.


Unique collection of one of a kind, vintage and unusual items. Old and interesting collectibles, Sci/Fi, horror, whimsical, and strange.


Darryl Dawson Books

Two excursions into horror written by local author Darryl Dawson:

IF IT BLEEDS — A video editor for a local TV station watches the entire population of his town degrade into acts of brutal savagery against each other, thanks to the powerful, evil influence of news broadcasts from his station. When his wife begins to act strangely and disappears with his infant son, he must not only save himself, but his family, from the bloody rampage. “… a vivid, detailed ride into a different kind of apocalypse. With great prose, human characters, and a very original storyline, this novella only tells the horrifying truth!”–Robert S. Wilson, Bram Stoker Award-nominated editor and author of SHINING IN CRIMSON: EMPIRE OF BLOOD BOOK ONE. (2013, Nightshade Publications)

THE CRAWLSPACE — A collection of short stories to terrify and provoke in seventeen different ways. An unscrupulous teacher comes face-to-face with his school’s ghostly urban legend; a neighborhood ice cream man serves up terror for a young boy who never forgets; a roadside attraction turns its unwilling visitors into self-mutilating puppets. Plus a haunted classic organ, a seductive werewolf, a demonic-possessed strip club, hordes of hidden carnivorous insects, and many more frightful tales. (2010, Fear of Sleep Press)

Also the following anthologies will be on sale:

Darryl Dawson has been writing professionally since 2009. Both of his titles received an Honorable Mention from the Hollywood Book Festival. His work has been featured in the above anthologies, as well as WHEN RED SNOW MELTS from Horror Novel Reviews. He is a native of Los Angeles who still roots for the Dodgers despite living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rocks and Jewelry

My handmade bracelets and pendants feature coils, braids and gears (made by an artist in CA.)

Materials: Copper, Nickel Silver, Brass from a US manufacturer.

Sterling Silver

Stones from all over Personally cut and polished.

Letitia, doing business as Rocks and Jewelry. I’m a single mom, a disabled vet and child at heart.

I keep coming back to playing with wire and stones and I want to share.

Steampunk would fit. Please stop by and tell me how you would describe it.

Ethan Russell Erway

Ethan Russell Erway is theauthor of the ADVENTURES OF MICHAEL BELMONT, a young adult fantasy/adventureseries, THE BLEEDING STAR CHRONICLES, a Science Fiction adult novella serial,and BLOWING OFF STEAM, a Western Steampunk adventure series.  He has been a #1 amazon bestselling author inseveral categories, including Young Adult Religious Fiction and ScienceFiction- Space Opera.

Ethan has been a life-long fanof science fiction and fantasy, and began writing short comedic stories inmiddle school.  He published his firstnovel in 2011.  He is currently the Minister at Agua FriaChristian Church in Humboldt, AZ where he lives with his wife and children.

For more information on Ethan Russell Erway visit his website at

Mœbius Enterprises

Jewelry, fragrances, giftware. Costuming & accessories. Fantasy IDs (be a part of your favorite team!)

Manufacturer & retailer of jewelry & costuming accessories from many genre from fantasy to historical reproductions. Aromatherapy & gifts.

Jean’s Beads

We sell hand crafted glass pieces, and illustrative art.

Jean’s Beads has been selling at shows and cons for about 8 years. We specialise in the had crafted glass art made by Jeannie Cox as well as various forms of illustration and prints by Tom Cox.

Fastawker Designs

Tote bags, pillow cases, jewelry, dice bags, mitten hats, zombie dolls

DMG Studios

Sci-Fi and Supernatural comics, related art and merch such as; shirts, prints, phone cases, figurines, etc.

A collaboration between illustrators Mike Dubisch & Kraig Rasmussen, combing their respective brands of Dubisch and Monkeygong Productions

The Scribbled Hollow

Custom Shirts, water bottles, key chains, mugs and shot glasses plus books

We will make a custom item of choice on site either put a favorite saying or picture on the item.








Strange Angel Press

Strange Angel Press is… an experiment.  We don’t have all the answers and have no idea how things will change over time.  We are, literally, making this up as we go along.  Yet throughout this plethora of choices, we have one grand idea at the heart of this experiment: writers helping writers with editing.

We want to help. We want to create another way to tackle the challenge of editing.  You give us your time and we will give you ours. We haven’t quite figured out all the details: ensuring reciprocity, covering the many aspects of editing, and knowing when to stop editing and send the writer back to the typewriter.

The most important bit we are learning is knowing when the work is ready to publish.  That is, after all, the goal.


We’re brave.  And crazy.  Wanna join us?

For more info on Strange Angel Press visit their website at:


Deimos SAGA: Tales of the Verdant Empire

Deimos Saga: Tales of the Verdant Empire-
In the hinterlands of the interstellar empire something dark stirs. This is the story of Basalt’s adventures as a C.D.C (Center of Demon Control) operative as she strives to carve a new life for herself far from her past. (B/W comic)

Written and drawn by Jason Anthony Cazares, Graphic design and lettering by Paul King.
Comic can be found at or

Readers can also find Black Wyrm/Lyndwyrm, a free form modern fantasy comic, at or under Lyndwyrm.

Massoglia Books

Used, hard-to-find and collectible books of all types

Marty and Alice Massoglia have been fans, con-runners and vendors in Science-Fiction fandom for over 40 years. We try to provide affordable books for collectors and readers alike.