Organizations with Fan Tables

Spend some time to get to know the folks manning fan tables for these great non-profit groups and events!  We’ll continue announcing more fan tables as the convention gets nearer, so check back regularly!

HMS Claymore

HMS Claymore is the Arizona chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. Not only do we celebrate the author, David Weber, and everything in the Honorverse, but we get together for meals, games, conventions, cosplay, and (not surprisingly) books. Come to their table and learn more about this wonderful universe of military sci-fi!

Cactus Brick

Formed in June of 2008, Cactus Brick is a group of adult (over 18 only) fans of LEGO who collect, build, play with, and share ideas about the LEGO hobby.  We meet officially on a monthly basis and present our creations at public displays throughout the year.  Please feel free to attend one of our meetings or find us at one of our public displays.

OtherWorlds Alliance

Awaken your Otherness in a growing community of kindred spirits who will respect, nurture and celebrate you for it. Reclaim your power.

Phoenix Astronomical Society

We have many science and space related interests. We are amateur astronomers with a desire to learn more about the night sky and to share its wonders with others. Welcome all who wish to further their knowledge. Browse our website to learn more about PAS.

Pop Goes the Classroom

Pop Goes the Classroom provides support to educators who are wanting to engage their students in meaningful learning by learning their dialect.

Pop Goes the Classroom provides educational enrichment experiences to children and youth.

Pop Goes the Classroom develops and shares curricular resources related to pop culture arts integration as a tool for STEAM education.

New Orleans 2018 Worldcon Bid

New Orleans has twice hosted Worldcons… in 1951 and again in 1988. By 2018, thirty years will have passed since Worldcon attendees enjoyed the southern hospitality that makes New Orleans one of the most desirable destinations in the world. It’s time.
This is a local effort, supported by the accumulated experience and wisdom of Worldcon Fandom.

United Federation of Phoenix

The United Federation of Phoenix is a local Star Trek and general Sci-Fi fan club. This FB fan page is open to past and present members and those interested in the UFP. The club first met in September 1975 and has been meeting bi-weekly since.

Nero Central Arizona

Tel Zohar is a land of two regions; The south is an arid desert with little water, and less shade. Its sandy landscape is dotted with scraggly low trees and ragged brush mixed with proud cactus. Rises of craggy hills break up the otherwise flat monotony of the land and offer the best options for travelers looking for relief from the unforgiving sun. Somehow among this harsh and unforgiving land the people have found ways to thrive, their art and clothing bright with color and adorned with elegant stones and precious metals. To the north the desert slowly gives up its hold to the mountains, cactus replaced by sparse evergreens that fill in as the elevation rises until forming a respectable forest. Rivers and lakes add lushness and draw various game animals to their banks. Many of the people are a mix of desert dwelling folk and immigrants from the north seeking the bounty of fur, and logging trade in the area.