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Welcome to the web home of the Westercon 70 regional science fiction convention to be held in Tempe, AZ in 2017, the 70th year of Westercon!

No, you haven't travelled back in time to the last century. This is a simple design to get important information out while we set up a fancier website. While you watch this space, don't forget our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

When and Where

Westercon 70 will be held at the Tempe Mission Palms hotel in Tempe, AZ over the 4th July weekend. The main event will run from Sat 1st to Tue 4th July, 2017 and post-con trips are being planned for Wed 5th and Thu 6th July.


We're branding our 2017 event ConAlope just so we can have fun with our theme of aliens, as we commemorate the 70th anniversary not only of Westercon but also of the crash landing of a UFO (or a military surveillance balloon) at Roswell, NM on 8th July, 1947.

We suggest that the aliens rode west on jackalopes to Arizona and may well make an appearance at Westercon!

As Westercon 70 is being sponsored by Leprecon Inc, it will also be LepreCon 43 (here's the site for LepreCon 42 in 2016). LepreCon is a general science fiction convention with a special focus on art. It also incorporates CONflagration, a gaming event.

Guests of Honor

Please visit our Westercon 70 Guests of Honor page to read about the GoHs we've announced thus far. The links below will take you to the GoH's own websites:

Convention Hotel

The convention hotel is the Tempe Mission Palms at 60 E 5th St, Tempe, AZ 85281. Here's a Google Maps link.

Room rates have been locked at $109 per night (plus taxes), the same prices we had when Leprecon Inc last hosted Westercon in 2009. The hotel opened up our block for bookings immediately after Westercon 69. To ensure that you get our special rate and we're credited for your room nights, please either book online using the following link or call (800) 547-8705 and mention Westercon 70.

Use This Link to Book Your Hotel Room with the Westercon 70 Discount

Note: please be aware that the amount on your booking will not be the amount charged. We apologise for any confusion that this might raise but we're stuck with the quirks of the hotel's reservation system. When you book, you'll be quoted $99 per night plus a $16.95 hospitality fee with a note that the latter has been discounted to $10 for Westercon 70. The end result is that you'll still pay $109 per night (plus taxes) on checkout.

Tempe Mission Palms is located within walking distance of Mill Ave and the downtown Tempe district with over a hundred restaurants, bars and shops. The Mission Grille restaurant, Harry's Place lounge and Cabana Bar and Grill are in the hotel itself. Room rates include parking (self, valet and RV), airport shuttle to and from Sky Harbor and high speed wifi. As at Westercon 62, fireworks will be easily visible over Tempe Town Lake from the hotel.


Westercon 70 will be chaired by Dee Astell, who is currently building her organisation chart. We've populated most of our available staff positions, but if you wish to be considered for an empty one, please e-mail her.

Progress Reports

Here are downloadable PDFs of each of our Progress Reports:

They're 1.2 MB, 570k and 139k respectively.

Alternatively, here are plain HTML versions of all our Progress Reports.


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Coming Soon

Watch this space for more updates as we firm up staff, guests, programming and events.

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